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Nothing's Ever Easy
Nothing's Ever Series (Book 1)

No one ever really gets over their first love, but when it’s ripped from you, it tears a piece of your soul.


Lily James left Peak Valley on a bus in the middle of night ten years ago and had no intentions of ever returning, after all it could cost her everything. But when her brother Forest calls, telling her their mother is dying Lily is willing to risk it just to spend a few nights with her mom.


Warren McKnight has spent the last ten years wondering what happened to the love of his life. No one knew what happened to Lily James. She disappeared without a trace. But when she returns, unharmed and looking as beautiful as she did when she disappeared, he wants answers. 


The more Lily tries to avoid Warren the more buried secrets come to the surface. Buried secrets that have a deadly price.

Front cover Nothing’s Ever Fair.jpg

Nothing's Ever Fair
Nothing's Ever Series (Book 2)

No one ever gets a fair shot at life, but when others do their best to kick you while you’re down, it’s hard not to feel helpless.


LeAnna Wright wanted to leave Peak Valley but when her dad goes to prison and her mom splits town, she becomes her little sister’s only guardian. All the dreams LeAnna had disappear while she does everything she can to give Gigi a good life. After years of struggling life is looking pretty good for the two, until LeAnna’s ex-boyfriend Xavier returns to Peak Valley, holding a bitter grunge against her.


Dylan Montgomery has been in love with LeAnna since they were kids. Every time he mustered the courage to tell her how he felt fate would intervene. Tired of fate getting in the way Dylan seizes the moment and life starts to look pretty good for the two, until her ex-boyfriend Xavier begins to show up where he isn’t wanted. 


The more Dylan and LeAnna try to avoid Xavier the more buried secrets come to surface. Buried secrets that could cost LeAnna everything.

Front cover Nothing's Ever Over.jpg

Nothing's Ever Over
Nothing's Ever Series (Book 3)

No one is promised tomorrow, but when others do their best to take your tomorrow away, you have to fight back.


Locklyn Lawrence came to Peak Valley for a fresh start. Her animal clinic is doing great, and she’s found the perfect home. Everything is coming together until two dangerous strangers move in next door.


Forest James purchased what he thought was going to be his dream home until two brothers think the house belongs to them, and they aren’t going to let it go, not without a fight.


The more Locklyn and Forest fight back, the deadlier the brothers get.

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