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Peak Valley Forever Series

Come find your next Happily-Ever-After with the Peak Valley Forever series, set in a small Kansas town with stories of hidden identities, second chance love, and fresh starts with strong heroes and stronger heroines. Now in a complete set take advantage of this great value and get started on your next favorite romantic suspense series with a touch of humor. 

*** Each book can be read as a stand alone with no cliff hangers. ***

Front cover Protect Forever.jpg

Protect Forever
Peak Valley Forever Series (Book 1)

Not much changes in Peak Valley, and Clint likes it that way, as long as everyone leaves him the hell alone. But when the mysterious Dawn drifts into town and needs help with her car, he finds himself getting too involved. As Dawn starts to open up, he wonders if there is more to her than she is telling him. 

Forced to change her identity and move halfway across the country to Peak Valley, Kansas, Dawn has a plan to escape her troubled past. Only her carefully laid plan gets derailed when the town recluse Clint Colson comes to her rescue. As Clint pushes his way into her closed off world, she knows she can’t keep her secret for long or risk everything. And will she survive what comes to Peak Valley when her past finally catches up with her? 


Front cover Fight Forever.jpg

Fight Forever
Peak Valley Forever Series (Book 2)

Luke Colson never had good luck, but he always had his charm, until his charmed turned against him, forcing him to pack up and leave the only home he ever had and the only girl he ever loved. Fifteen years later Luke returns to Peak Valley determined to win back the woman he’s never stopped loving, if only she’d give him the time of day. 

Amber Baker never had good luck. Her life has been one disaster after another. When she and her two kids find themselves without a home, the last person she wants help from is Luke Colson. His charm doesn’t work on her, not anymore and she is determined to keep her distance, even if he is her new landlord. 

Can these two have a second chance at love or will they be torn apart again when their luck runs out?

Front cover Expect Forever.jpg

Expect Forever
Peak Valley Forever Series (Book 3)

Sarah Baker has a secret. One that leads her home to Peak Valley, Kansas but when Eric Colson shows up she thought he would help her. She thought he would stand by her side, but instead he barely looks at her. With no other options Sarah decides she doesn’t need a hero, she can save herself.

Eric Colson knows Sarah is hiding something but he never expected it to rip them apart. Only fate has different plans. While working on a case that puts the citizen’s of Peak Valley in danger Eric and Sarah must work together or risk the safety of their beloved home town. 

Can the two survive the evil hiding among them?

Front cover Picture Forever.jpg

Picture Forever
Peak Valley Forever Series (Book 4)

Hazel Wood left the big city and lucrative career as a graphics artist to move back to Peak Valley to be closer to her ill mother and maybe reconnect with her half-brother Sheriff Warren McKnight. She thought it would be a quiet life until Jax Colson blew into her life.

Jax Colson isn’t use to being blown off, but Hazel has something he needs. When he gets the opportunity to twist her arm he jumps on it. Only their new partnership put a target on her head.

Now the two must put their difference aside and work together or neither will survive what evil lurks in the shadows.

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