Romance Author | Professional Pen Thief | Coffee Addict | Obsessive Reader


            I live in the weather crazed Midwest where we experience hot Summers and cold Winters. I’m starting to think Spring and Fall is a beautiful made up fantasy. I share my life with my wonderful husband who despite my begging and pleading won’t grow his beard out. I have three teenagers, two girls and a boy, and two mouthy malamutes, that are always keeping me on my toes, and never stop eating.  

            My earliest memory of writing was when I was in the second grade and my teacher encouraged us to write a book. I remember my whole world changed that day. I was certain books grew from a library tree. From that moment on I never stopped writing. 

            Writing also feeds my pen addiction. I am always in need of new pens, and when life gives me lemons, I buy pens and write. 

            Outside of writing I can be found reading, looking for new books to add to my every growing TBR, and watching BookTubers. 

            I hope you pick up my upcoming book, and don’t be a stranger, send me your thoughts, book suggestions, or opinions on pens. 

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