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A Lucky Dish for a Lucky Day

Cornbeef and cabbage has been a St. Patrick's day dish, but what do you do with the left overs? Leftover meat usually finds it's way into a sandwich but don't just slather your bread with mayo and cheese. Make it a delicious master piece by turning your leftover corn beef into Reubens. You can make it cold or you can use a griddle or frying pan and serve it hot.


  • Cornbeef

  • Thousand Island Dressing

  • Rye Bread

  • Sliced Swiss Cheese

  • Sour Kraut


  1. Butter one side of the rye bread .

  2. Over medium heat place bread butter side down on the griddle or frying pan and add the desired amount of Swiss cheese on one slice of bread.

  3. Continue to layer by adding the corn beef, sour kraut and thousand island dressing.

  4. Grill until cheese has melted and add the top slice of bread.

Dish up this delicious sandwich on a plate and no one will know they are eating up leftovers.

Do you like to turn leftovers into a delicious dish? Leave a comment with some of your best leftover recipes I would love to give them a try.

With love from Peak Valley,

Dawn Colson

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